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Satellite Communication Systems Engineering (EEET1080/EEET1138)

Satellite Communication Systems provide vital and economical communication services over very large coverage areas of land, sea and air. This course provides the fundamentals and the techniques for the design and analysis of satellite communication systems.

Topics include Satellite Orbits, Space Stations and Ground Terminals, Frequency Allocation, Link Calculation and Signal Propagation, Rain Fading and Link Availability, Digital Modulation, Error Correction Codes, Multiple Access, Receiver Synchronization, and the basics of Satellite Networking.

Years coordinated and delivered: 2023 - present

Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things (EEET2370 / EEET2371)

This is an entirely new course that I have developed in 2019 (and is continuously updated). The course aims to provide a deep understanding of IoT access networks, and to develop the skills required for the wide-scale design and deployment for these networks. The labs are very exciting with hands on use of LoRWAN, NB-IoT devices and software defined radios. Following is the high-level contents:

Week 1 Introduction to Networks and Network Architecture and OSI Layers

Week 2 OSI Layer 1: Physical Layer

Week 3 OSI Layer 2: Media Access Control

Week 4 OSI Layer 3: Networking Layer: IPv4 and IPv6

Week 5 OSI Layer 4: Transport Layer: TCP and UDP

Week 6 Mid semester test

Week 7 Wide Area Networks (PS and CS), Cellular Networks

Week 8 Wireless and Multiple Access: ALOHA and WLAN

Week 9 Introduction to Traffic Engineering

Week 10 Internet Services and Applications: DNS and HTTP

Week 11 Internet Services and Applications: Real Time Traffic, VoIP / RTP

Week 12 Review / Invited Talk

Years coordinated and delivered: 2019 - present

Link to the course at RMIT Webpage

Network Fundamentals and Applications (EEET2368) - Past

The course aims to induces the introductory concepts of the OSI model in communications, primarily focusing on the lower 4 layers (Physical, Data link, Network and Transport). It also provide a wealth of introduction into important applications such as cellular networks - 5G, www, and DNS. The labs are mainly based on Cisco Packet Tracer.

Years coordinated and delivered: 2017 - 2023

Link to the course at RMIT Webpage

Some lectures on YouTube