Research and Industry Projects

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Current Projects

Northern Melbourne Smart Cities Network, enabling data to drive change

The Northern Melbourne Smart Cities Network, enabling data to drive change project will provide an IoT-based Smart Cities network to drive the first steps towards smart cities transformation for City of Whittlesea, Moreland City Council, Banyule City Council, Mitchell Shire Council and Nillumbik Shire Council.

The project will develop and implement a LoRaWAN network that will enable integration of 5 different types of sensors to collect data on a wide variety of aspects of everyday life in the cities and allow Councils to monitor and improve efficiency of services provided and support potential delivery of new services.

In collaboration with 5 Victorian councils:

  • City of Whittlesea

  • Moreland City

  • Banyule City

  • Mitchell Shire

  • Nillumbik Shire

Chief Investigators (at RMIT):

  • Dr Akram Al-Hourani (Lead CI)

  • Prof Kandeepan Sithamparanathan

  • Dr Ke (Desmond) Wang

Research Project Team (at RMIT):

  • Dr Kagiso Magowe (Post-Doc)

  • Mr Bassel Al Homssi (Research officer)

  • Mr James Delaney (Research Officer)

  • Mr Neil Tom

The link to the official webpage of the smart cities 2 project

Wireless systems for vehicular access, security and safety

In collaboration our industry partner Bosch Australia for investigating and developing next-generation wireless systems for vehicular access, security and safety. The project supports 4 PhD student scholarships

Chief Investigators:

  • A/Prof Wayne Rowe (Lead CI)

  • Prof Kandeepan Sithamparanathan

  • Dr Akram Al-Hourani

  • Prof Bill Moran (UniMelb)

Past Projects

Wireless communication for next generation digital water meters

Helping two Victorian water utilities: Yarra Valley Water and City West Water to develop the policy on deciding which IoT technology to adopt for their massive rollout of digital water meters. The plan is to gradually replace all mechanical meters with wireless digital meters that report water measurements and quality periodically to the system and to the end-user. This is a major engagement with the public sectors in solving society’s needs, creating sustainable environment for millions of people living in Victoria.

RMIT team has made a significant impact through his engagement by investigating the feasibility of multiple IoT access technologies to be used for the new digital water meters. Based on the recommendation from RMIT team, the two water utilities were able to make an informed decision on which IoT technology to use in the current large-scale roll-out of digital water meters, this would create a positive impact for millions of Victorian residents and improve their day-to-day water efficiency.

Chief Investigators:

  • Prof Kandeepan Sithamparanathan (Lead CI)

  • Dr Akram Al-Hourani

  • Dr Karina Gomez

  • Mr David Taylor

Intelligent asset management in community partnership. Funded by: Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

A major project is with the Local Australian Government through three Victorian councils: Port Phillip, Brimbank and Kingstone, helping these councils to solve public needs in providing more-efficient resource utilization. Our role in this project as a chief investigator includes the development of wireless communication system and Internet-of-Things system to monitor facilities’ utilization and to monitor environmental metrics, helping in creating more sustainable use patterns.

Chief Investigators:

  • Prof Sujeeva Setunge (Lead CI)

  • Prof Kandeepan Sithamparanathan

  • Dr Karina Gomez

  • Dr Akram Hourani

  • Dr Kagiso Magowe

  • Prof Kevin Zhang