Dr Akram Al-Hourani

Senior Lecturer (RMIT University)Program Manager for Telecom Engineering Master Degree


Dr Akram Al-Hourani (PhD, BEng, MBA, SMIEE, CPEng), is a Senior lecturer and Telecommunication Program Manager at the School of Engineering, RMIT University. Before joining RMIT in 2016, he has been with The University of Melbourne as a Research Fellow. Dr Al-Hourani obtained his PhD in 2016 from RMIT University. Prior joining academia, Dr Al-Hourani had extensively worked in the ICT industry as an R&D engineer, radio network planning engineer and then as an ICT program manager for several projects spanning over different technologies; including mobile networks deployment, satellite networks, and railway ICT systems. The total value of industry projects directed by Dr Al-Hourani exceeded $190m.

He has extensive industry / government engagement as a chief investigator in multiple research projects related to The Internet-of-Things (IoT), Smart Cities, Satellite / Wireless Communications. As a Lead Chief Investigator, he oversaw the design and deployment of the largest open IoT network in Australia in collaboration with 5 local governments “Northern Melbourne Smart Cities Network”, this project has won the 2020 “IoT Awards”, the official awards program of IoT Alliance Australia.

He published more than 56 journal articles and conference proceedings, including 3 book chapters (See ORCID link), Dr Al-Hourani has won the IEEE Sensors Council Paper Award for his contribution in hand-gesture recognition using neural networks. Dr Al-Hourani is currently an associate editor of Frontiers in Space Technologies and an Editor in Remote Sensing Journal. His current research interests include the applications of UAV communication systems, stochastic geometry, automotive radars, energy efficiency in wireless networks, and the Internet-of-Things over satellite.

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MDPI Remote Sensing, special issue on "Satellite Communication".

Guest editor Dr Akram Al-Hourani

The team and I have helped 5 Victorian Councils in developing the largest open IoT network in Victoria. The network aims to cover more than 45 different sites for open IoT connectivity (using technology called LoRaWAN) and to to deploy more than 300 different sensors to empower our communities with data.