Academia Collaborators

  • Prof Robin Evans - IEEE Life Fellow, Melbourne Laureate Professor: (Profile Link) was my supervisor during my work as a Research Follow at the University of Melbourne. I am in regular contact with Prof Robin Evans for research mentorship and career advice
  • Prof Kandeepan Sithamparanathan - Discipline Head Telecommunications and Photonics: (Profile Link) also was my PhD supervisor (2013-2016), I am in continuous contact with Prof Sithamparanathan for mentoring and advice in research, teaching and project delivery.
  • Dr Karina Gomez: Long-time collaboration since 2013
  • A/Prof Wayne Rowe: Joint research in multiple areas, and co-project delivery
  • Dr Ke (Desmond) Wang: Joint research in multiple areas, and co-project delivery
  • Dr Kagiso Magowe: Is currently a Post-doc in Smart Cities project (Northern Melbourne Smart Cities Network) and long-time collaborator
  • Prof Martin Haenggi (Profile Link): recently co-authored a paper titled: "Performance of Next-Generation Cellular Networks Guarded with Frequency Reuse Distance" in IEEE Transactions on Communications.
  • Prof Margaret Lech: Collaboration in machine learning research and biomedical

Industry Collaborators

  • Dr Sathya Chandrasekharan: Long-time collaborator since 2013, many co-authored papers and co-research
  • Mr Hans Wolf: Industry projects collaboration
  • Dr Olivia Lee, (MBBS, MPH, FRACP, FAFRM) Paediatric Rehabilitation Consultant at the Royal Children Hospital Capstone projects and biomedical, See the videos here: